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Paraklete Press was founded by Elizabeth C. Chapman in 1989, who saw a need for BIble Studies based on the Lectionary Scripture selections read every Sunday in many Churches. These studies help make the Scriptures easier to understand, explain historical and cultural background and encourage the participants to apply these Scriptures to their daily lives.

The name "Paraklete" is the word the New Testament uses to describe the Holy Spirit, and the meaning of the word in Greek is "One who is called beside" or is sometimes translated "helper." Our goal is to help Christians of all denominations who are seeking to know the Lord more intimately by acquainting themselves with the Scriptures.

Elizabeth C. Chapman

These studies have been used
for over 20 years by churches
and individuals throughout
the United States.

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The most important goal for the Bible studies is to help the participants develop a closer personal relationship with the Lord.

"To know God, to love God and to make God known to others."

“Using this study has brought me new focus, understanding and insight. The lessons are clear and to the point.”
Mari Haisten,
Trinity Episcopal Church,
Folsom, CA

“The studies in these books have helped me understand the pastor’s sermons.”
Andrea White, First Christ. Church, Berryville, AR

“The material is provocative, engaging and enabling. Anyone can follow and understand the book.”
Rev. Lester Mangum,
St. Timothy United Meth. Church, Detroit, MI


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