The Digital (Interactive) Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study

The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study, Digital Version is a quarterly book, now in an interactive PDF format, available for download onto cell phones, laptops, tablets and computers.

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This version is ideal for classes or individuals who want the convenience of devotions and study anywhere, any time and any place. Interactive PDF-books are easy to use and needs only minimal computer skills: just click in the answer block under the question and begin typing (speech entry is also available on most smart devises). The RCLBS – Digital Version is both environmentally responsible, space-saving and inexpensive alternative to printing, shipping and mailing a physical book. The cost is only $6.95 per quarter.
Important: specify the quarter you want (Quarter 1-4, thirteen lessons each) when ordering in the Checkout Window

The download provides a copy of  the current quarter of The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study (RCLBS) with space for the user to fill in the answers to the questions. Many devises allow “speech recognition” for the elderly or those who cannot type. Once downloaded, the RCLBS is available on your smart devise to fill in and refer to when needed.

We are currently in Year B:December 3, 2023 – November 24, 2024

To view the dates of upcoming quarters, click here.

Each Quarter’s Digital Version will be available 2-3 weeks before the quarter begins.
Instruction sheet with passwords will be included and available for download upon payment.
Older quarters are available by contacting our office.