about the ministry
WHO are we?

Paraklete Press of California has been publishing these Bible Studies for over 20 years. We are an evangelical extension of the ministry of Saint Clement’s Episcopal Church, located in Rancho Cordova, California. Our editorial staff (see  below) crafts the study with input from contributors across several different Christian churches and denominations.

Paraklete Press was founded by author/editor Elizabeth C. Chapman in 1989, who saw a need for Bible Studies based on the Lectionary Scripture selections read every Sunday in many Churches. These studies make the Scriptures easier to understand, explain historical background and encourage the participants to apply these Scriptures to their lives.

The name “Paraklete” is the word the New Testament uses to describe the Holy Spirit, and the meaning of the word in Greek is “One who is called beside” or is sometimes translated “helper.” Our goal is to help Christians of all denominations who are seeking to know the Lord more intimately by acquainting themselves with the Scriptures.

“…The Lectionary Bible Study has proven to be invaluable. Both veteran students of the Bible and more casual class attendees have gleaned great benefit…The Bible Study is a wonderful tool for exploring Christ’s teachings.”
Dr. Heath Burns, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Angleton, TX.
Ministry Goals: The most important goal for the Bible studies is to help the participants develop a closer personal relationship with the Lord.
MISSION STATEMENT: “To know God, to love God and to make God known to others.”
Elizabeth C. Chapman
Author / Publisher
Tom Casady
Bobbi Kiell
Assistant Editor
Mickey Boughton
Assistant Editor
Jim & Chris Wash
Office Staff / Sales