Quarterly Study Booklets for Classes or Individual Study

• Easy-to-use workbook format
• Needs minimal preparation
• Applicable for adults & teens
• Biblically centered
• Theologically sound

Now available - a vibrant and exciting Bible study workbook:

"The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study"
(based on the Revised Common Lectionary Schedule)

• Do you want to make the Sunday sermon and service more relevant?
• Are you too busy to prepare Bible study lessons?
• Do you need a course for adults and teens that can be taught by lay people?
• Helps people learn how the Bible relates to their life!
• Affordably priced. (Ordering info)

The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study was developed to answer these needs. The weekly lessons are presented in quarterly books that follow the three-year Revised Common Lectionary schedule.

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"Builds the body by sharing. Opens the mind by questioning. Embraces the Spirit for Sunday worship."
Bob McMillan, St. Stephen's Epis. Church, Brewton, AL

“Using this study has brought me new focus, understanding and insight. The lessons are clear and to the point.”
Mari Haisten,
Trinity Episcopal Church,
Folsom, CA

“The studies in these books have helped me understand the pastor’s sermons.”
Andrea White, First Christ. Church, Berryville, AR

"Oh! I love it!"
Elizabeth Purdy,
St. Martin 's Episcopal Church, Shady Cove, OR


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