Conducting Bible Studies During COVID-19 Pandemic

During this period of “sheltering at home” due to the COVID-19 virus, many Bible Study classes have been cancelled. Some churches are using Zoom or Webex to create a virtual Bible study classroom that would bring the class leader and participants together by means of the internet.

Here are some applications that allow online groups to meet: Webex is a free app (click for info and to download). The Zoom app has a small cost (click for info and to download. These two apps are easy to set up. They both make it possible to easily bring everyone in the class together for a virtual weekly Bible study.

Tips on leading an online Bible Study: The class leader can ask the participants to push the mute symbol when they are not talking and to push the microphone symbol when they wish to speak. This keeps background noise in each home from making it difficult to hear and understand the person who is speaking. In some cases, the leader can mute everyone except the person who has indicated that they want to speak.

Please consider giving Zoom or Webex a try. These apps make it possible for Bible study classes to continue while we all live through the isolation that most of us are experiencing during this COVID-19 epidemic.

The members of The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study team pray that you and your loved ones may stay healthy during this difficult time.