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What To Do For Lent

ŸHave you ever wondered what you should give up for Lent? In the past did you give up chocolates, TV, or something else that you enjoy?

This year consider a new approach.  Instead of subtracting something, add something to your life that represents a sacrifice, something that would draw you closer to the Lord and the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice. 

Start a Bible study group and  study the lectionary Lenten scriptures found in The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study. Spend a few minutes each day answering the questions and then gather for a weekly discussion group to share your answers to the questions and the insights you gained as you studied these important Bible scriptures.

Other possible Lenten “sacrifices”:

  • ŸConsider giving up saying anything negative about another person. 
  • ŸGive up any time-wasting activities involved with social media and substitute an activity that would benefit someone else.
  • Volunteer to serve meals at a homeless shelter.
  • ŸYou might recognize something you could do that needs to be done at your church.

ŸPray about what to “sacrifice” for Lent. The Holy Spirit will guide you in finding what is right and spiritually meaningful for you to add to your life during Lent..