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03 Jul: Keep Your Congregation Engaged and Active While They Shelter-in-Place

During this time, when we cannot worship together safely, how can church members stay connected and engaged with their fellow parishioners while waiting for a return to Sunday services in the church building? Interacting with our church family members is an important part of our Christian life. One suggestion is to provide many diverse…


30 Nov: Explore A Sample Bible Study Lesson

We have posted an example of  a lesson from this year’s Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study for you to explore! Please click here or the image below to download this lesson as a PDF. Our Bible Studies are copyrighted material and may not be printed or reproduced without our permission, thank you!


18 Jun: What impact can this Bible Study have on your church?

Many churches that use “The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study” report that the people who participate in the study become more dedicated and involved members of their parish. They learn to appreciate what worship in “community” means, not only to themselves personally, but also to other church members.  At the end of each lesson,…


14 May: Why Study The Bible?

This is both practical and foundational. It is practical because we will learn reasons why studying the Bible is important, but it is also foundational because it will prepare us for future discussions on the importance of Bible study. While not an exhaustive list, below are eight reasons for studying the Bible: Cultural literacy…