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What impact can this Bible Study have on your church?

Many churches that use “The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study” report that the people who participate in the study become more dedicated and involved members of their parish. They learn to appreciate what worship in “community” means, not only to themselves personally, but also to other church members. 

At the end of each lesson, and included during the final prayer, many leaders ask for participants to submit prayer requests that they would like the group to include during the final prayer and in their private prayer time at home. The knowledge that others are praying for them has helped to bond the group together. The participants in the study become not only more deeply committed to their church, but also to the community of people that form the church.

The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study” is designed so that people with very little teaching or Bible study experience can lead a study group. The leader is a discussion leader, not necessarily a teacher. In addition, the study requires minimal preparation on the part of the leader.

We believe that the study of the lectionary scriptures, the communal prayer and the application of the lessons learned will help to build strong Christian bonds and stronger church communities.