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Study the Bible on your Smart Devise or Computer

The RCLBS Digital Edition saves on postage!

Paraklete Press of California celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study with a new, digital version of these quarterly workbooks designed to help individuals or classes to easily learn about and understand the weekly readings used in many churches.  The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study, digital version is an interactive PDF format, available for download onto smart devices: cell phones, laptops or tablets adding mobility and extending relevance to both seasoned believers or new seekers after God.

This version is ideal for classes or individuals who want the convenience of devotions and study anywhere, any time and any place. Interactive PDF-workbooks are easy to use and needs minimal computer skills, just click in the answer block under the question and begin typing (speech entry is also available on most smart devises). Interactive workbooks are an environmentally responsible, space-saving and inexpensive alternative to printing, shipping and mailing a physical workbook. The cost is only $6.95 per quarter.

The download provides a copy of The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study with space for the user to fill in the answers to the questions. Many devises allow “speech recognition” for the elderly or those who cannot type. Once downloaded, the RCLBS is available on your smart devise to fill in and refer to when needed.

The new, digital format will be available starting with Year A – First Quarter books, which begins on December 1, 2019 and include weekly lessons through February 23, 2020.

The Digital Version of the Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study will be available on our Products page. Check out our excellent, free resources there to help you: Leaders Guide for group study, articles that help answer questions (“Why Study The Bible?”, “ What Impact Can This Bible Study Have On Your Church?”, etc). Sign up safely and privately for news notices with seasonal tips and suggestions how to invite friends or those curious about the Bible and Christianity to investigate, advise on how to lead a Bible study and more.